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[Re-Opened] Club Penguin August & September Furniture Catalog & Stage August 21, 2009

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Hello there, I’m glad I’ve re-opened. It should have been re-opened a month ago but i had some stuff to deal with. Well on with the updates.

Go to the first page and click the top of the stove top


Go to the second page click on the top left in the window.


Go to the second page click on the buttons on the left side of the stove.


Go to the third page click on the gramophone record.


Go to the fourth page click on the Stone Column Ruins.


Go to the fourth page click on the fire of the torch.


Go to the sixth page click on the Medieval Banner.


And finally the new stage, they have new outfits in the Costume Trunk.


That’s all for me till the next update follow me on twitter for 24/7 updates.




Back In The Game! July 8, 2009

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Hello, I’m going to be doing some construction on this site to get it back in running order… hopefully it will be up soon.

For updates:


Mission Guide! December 29, 2008

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Thanks ToM! (Big Balla)

1. Talk to G.
2. Grab the Solar Panel from the box beside G.

Helping Rookie

3. Head to the Gift Shop.
4. Talk with Rookie and use the Solar Panel on the cables at the end of the magnet.
5. Solve the puzzle. Shouldn’t be hard.
6. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop.
7. Grab the two boxes beside him and the table beside the door.
8. Go outside.
9. Set up the table and the boxes beside the Gift Shop.

Helping the Jet Pack Guy

10. Go to the Beach.
11. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy
12. Enter the Lighthouse and grab some Cream Soda.
13. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy and then give him the soda.
14. Solve the puzzle. There is a bottle labeled ‘Help’, if you click on it it will tell you how to solve the puzzle.

Catching Herbert

15. Head to the Dock.
16. Talk to the penguin and recieve some Rope.
17. Enter the Night Club.
18. Attach the rope to the gadget and pull the lever.
19. Open the gadget using the tool from your Spy Phone.
20. Place the cogs. Won’t be very difficult.
21. Head to Hq and talk to G. Jet Pack Guy will report.
22. Go to the Dock and find Herbert.
23. Rookie will report.
24. Go to the Night Club.
25. When Herbert is below the cage, pull the lever.
26. When the agents surround him, direct the lights above you on the Solar Panel OR grab the Jetpack from the Jetpack guy and use it on the cage.
27. To the victor goes the spoils. ROOKIE IS SO STUPID!